I was talking to [Selena] a little bit and she said, ‘I feel at Disney, the people that worked on your set, you become so close with them. It’s those formative years, and [Selena] feels like they know her better than anyone else. That’s kind of true, especially because you’re growing up and they just know who you really are. You can’t really hide who you truly are, and when you’re with someone that much every single day for like 4-5 years. Selena is really cool.
Peyton List about Selena in an recent interview (via selgomez-news)

Anonymous asked:

it would totally break my heart if dreamworks went down. their films are so gorgeous and well written and i watch rise of the guardians like every day tbh

believeintheguardians answered:

Oh, I know anon! Tell me about it! The very idea leaves me heartbroken and teary-eyed!

Their films are simply exquisite… especially in terms of animation and detail.  They’re so underrated, it kills me! (As some of my followers have said in the past, it’s all a matter of branding. A part of me wants to bring Frozen into this, but I won’t for argument’s sake.

I’m also angry at the studio too; they definitely need to develop better marketing/advertising strategies. Back in 2012 before RoTG came out, I hardly ever saw advertisements for said movie; it’s ridiculous! 

The film didn’t receive as much advertising as it deserved. The lack of marketing/advertising for RoTG killed its performance at the box office more than the studio realized. 

The same thing happened with both Mr. Peabody and Sherman, and Turbo!

How To Train Your 2 will hopefully be the studio’s saving grace. 

While I harbor passion and admiration for Dreamworks, they can also be immensely frustrating at the same time!

Sorry I went off on a tangent there anon! I just have such conflicting emotions right now. >___<”